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$499/ 6 months

This course is the perfect building block for students who want to learn the core concepts needed for the Quantitative and Verbal sections, as well as to get the most out of our advanced materials later on. Used alone, Foundations is for those looking to get a EA score of up to 550.

1,398 Easy Questions

  • Formulas & Tips
  • 25 Mini Quizzes
  • 25 Self-assessments
  • 10 Practice tests
  • 500 Flashcards



$699/ 6 months

This course is ideal for students with some initial EA prep and are unsatisfied with their initial scores. Used alone, the Regular course is for those looking to get a EA score of up to 650.



  • 1,540 Medium Questions
  • Formulas & Tips
  • 50 Mini Quizzes
  • 50 Self-assessments
  • 15 Practice tests
  • 750 Flashcards



$899/ 6 months

This course is ideal for students who have already studied and taken the EA, but think they can still achieve better scores. Used alone, the Advanced course is for those looking to get a EA score of 700+.


  • 553 Hard Questions
  • Formulas & Tips
  • 75 Mini Quizzes
  • 75 Self-assessments
  • 25 Practice tests
  • 1,000 Flashcards




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Paid Products
No. of Questions13981540553
FoundationsYesYes Yes
Formulas & TipsYes YesYes 
Mini Quizes 255075
Practice Tests101525
Flash Cards5007501000
EA IR YesYes



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