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BobPrep Free Stuff: Unlocking Opportunities for Your GRE Journey

BobPrep offers a wealth of free resources and tools to support you on your GRE preparation journey. With BobPrep's free offerings, you can gain valuable insights, practice your skills, and get a taste of the BobPrep experience before committing to a paid course.

Here's a glimpse into what BobPrep offers for free:

★ GRE Practice Questions

Access a vast library of high-quality GRE practice questions covering all sections of the exam: Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Integrated Reasoning, and Analytical Writing. These questions are designed to closely resemble the actual GRE questions in terms of difficulty, format, and content.

★ GRE Diagnostic Tests

Take a free diagnostic test to assess your strengths and weaknesses in each GRE section. This personalized feedback helps you identify areas requiring improvement and tailor your study plan accordingly.

★ GRE Blog

Stay informed with insightful blog posts covering various GRE-related topics. From test-taking tips and strategies to study hacks and motivational advice, the blog provides valuable information to enhance your preparation.

★ GRE Webinars and Live Sessions

Attend free webinars and live sessions hosted by BobPrep's expert instructors. These interactive sessions cover specific topics, offer valuable insights, and provide an opportunity to ask questions in real-time.

★ GRE Resources and Guides

Download free ebooks, study guides, and other resources designed to provide comprehensive information about the GRE and offer valuable tips for success.

★  Free Trial:

BobPrep's comprehensive platform with a free trial. This gives you access to a limited portion of the paid course content, allowing you to experience the interactive features, personalized recommendations, and extensive practice resources firsthand.

Benefits of Utilizing BobPrep's Free Resources:

★ Early exposure to GRE content and format: Familiarize yourself with the test format and question types to gain confidence and reduce test anxiety.

★ Identify your strengths and weaknesses: Gain valuable insights into your performance and tailor your study plan to focus on areas needing improvement.

★ Develop test-taking strategies: Learn effective strategies and techniques to approach each section of the GRE efficiently and effectively.

★ Gain valuable knowledge and tips: Access insightful information, expert advice, and helpful resources to enhance your overall understanding of the GRE.

★ Experience BobPrep's platform: Get a firsthand feel for BobPrep's interactive platform, features, and personalized learning environment before making a commitment.

By taking advantage of BobPrep's free resources, you can lay a strong foundation for your GRE preparation, gain valuable insights, and make informed decisions about your study journey. So, explore the free offerings, start building your knowledge, and unlock the potential for GRE success!

Explore our Free GRE learning

We are not charging anything while you test the quality of our content, with all of the features below. Explore some of our content with a free trial by registering for a BobPrep account.


Trick of the day
Helps you achieve faster and easier!
Question of the day
A new question everyday to test one's Quant skills!
Flashcard of the day
Helps you test your Quant skills. Another way of learning efficiently!
Mini quiz of the week
Quickly helps you identify where you are in math skills!
Monthly Self assessment
Helps you understand in detail your strengths and weaknesses in various math concepts!
Monthly Practice Test
Learning without testing is useless. The more you test yourself the more you are close to success!
Diagnostic Test Easy
Emphasizes in foundations of various math concepts!
Diagnostic Test Medium
Affirm the foundations you have learnt in Foundations to get better understanding and improve your math skills!
Diagnostic Test Hard
Helps you to dig deep into math. For those who are curious to study and master!
Diagnostic Test Very Hard
Barometer of your ultimate skills in math. Helps you get the highest GMAT Score Possible.
Tips for Better Score
Extra tips to get great results in the actual exam.

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  • 416 Easy Questions
  • Formulas & Tips
  • 25 Mini Quizzes
  • 25 Self-assessments
  • 10 Practice tests
  • 500 Flashcards
  • Verbal
$699 / 6 Months
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  • 1,409 Medium Questions
  • Formulas & Tips
  • 50 Mini Quizzes
  • 50 Self-assessments
  • 15 Practice tests
  • 750 Flashcards
  • Verbal
$899 / 6 Months
Save 50%
  • 238 Hard Questions
  • Formulas & Tips
  • 75 Mini Quizzes
  • 75 Self-assessments
  • 25 Practice tests
  • 1000 Flashcards
  • Verbal
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