Why would students prefer GMAT,GRE courses from BobPrep:
    BobPrep was founded by one of the world’s top GMAT/GRE Tutors who spent over 120,000 hours with students in one-on-one sessions. BobPrep is the result of those 40 years of tutoring experience.
   Dr. Chaparala has a distinguished tutoring track record, with a high percentage of his students receiving Ivy League admissions.
    BobPrep surpasses its peers on both the quality and quantity of its content. BobPrep offers the same strategies, techniques, and materials Dr. Chaparala provided his top-achieving private tutoring students.
   BobPrep boasts the world’s largest GMAT/GRE question bank with over 60,000 questions.
   BobPrep’s unique selling proposition is to provide elite-caliber test prep for an affordable cost. No other test prep company offers the same quality of materials and instruction for close to the same price – this will lead to a sustainable competitive advantage for BobPrep.
Unique Courses that seperate BobPrep from others: 


  1. Over 100 MINI QUIZZES to help students initial assessment of conceptual skills.


  1. About 150 SELF-ASSESSMENT tests on different concepts enable the student to evaluate in depth one’s skill level on those concepts.

Foundation Course

  1. Helps beginners to gain understanding of basic principles that will build students’ confidence progressively over a period time.

Deep Dive In Practice Tests

is designed to provide students from A to Z in each Subject.

Flash Cards

  1. Over 4000 Flash Cards help students to lean concepts in a different format.


  1. On all subjects provide the skill of handling time task pressures in Examinations.

Practice and Testing Mode

  1. BobPrep’s content is displayed in both PRACTICE and TESTING MODE that helps student to strengthen one’s ability to attack problems in official GMAT/GRE Tests.

Practice Tests in each level

  1. All practice tests are in the formats of Basic, Medium and Hard, each of which contain over 100 practice tests.

Question of the day


Trick of the day


Flash Card of the day


Mini-Quiz of the week


Self-Assessment of the Week

Easy Diagnostic Test of the Week

Medium Diagnostic Test of the Week

Hard Diagnostic Test of the Week

Very Hard Diagnostic Test of the Week

Monthly Practice Test


Tips for better Score